Formal Research Seminars

The Buck Institute hosts a number of scientific seminars throughout the year, offering talks on current research by national and international scientists for faculty, students and postdoctoral fellows. FRS Seminars are open to the public. Individuals wishing to attend should respond with their name, email address, and seminar date to:

Seminars are held in the Dexler Auditorium at 11:00 am unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker/Title


March 9

Stephan Sigrist, Ph.D.

Professor, Institute of Biology, Freie Universtät Berlin & Neurocure, Charité University Medicine Berlin

A synaptic basis of Age-Induced Memory Decline

Hosted by Professor Pejmun Haghighi

March 16

Eric Lai, Ph.D

Professor, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York

What is RNAi good for? Lessons from flies and mice, tales of sex and blood

March 23

Kevin Kit Parker, Ph.D.

Tarr Family Professor Bioengineering & Applied Physics, Wyss Institute for Biologically-Inspired Engineering, Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Harvard School of Engineering and Applies Sciences, Harvard University

Building Hearts and Heart Parts

Hosted by Professor Simon Melov

March 30

Carrie Adler, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator, Dept. of Molecular Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University

Stem cells and organ regeneration in immortal planarian flatworms    

Hosted by Professor Jennifer Garrison

April 27

Cristopher Bragg, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

TAF1 and X-Linked Dystonia- Parkinsonism

Hosted by Professor Lisa Ellerby

May 11

Steven Altschuler, PhD


Joint talk: Single-cell fate decisions to drug treatment




Lani Wu, PhD



Hosted by Chris Benz

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