Discovery Day 2012

This celebration will be the high point of the Bay Area Science Festival (BASF) in the North Bay. Families are encouraged to attend this fun interactive event – it’s all designed to get kids excited about science, math, engineering and technology.

Parking is free. Exhibits range from wildlife to genetics to robotics. Here’s how to get to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.

Saturday, October 27
11 AM - 4 PM
Sonoma County Fairgrounds
1350 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa, CA 

This event is hosted by Agilent Technologies, and organized by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

Catapult Competition
Agilent Technologies
Student participants in Agilent's STEM outreach programs will demonstrate their kit builds.

Strawberry DNA Extraction
Extract DNA from frozen strawberries, and spin and spool the DNA for a closer look at the stuff of life.

Pipet Art
Make a "stained-glass" picture using number and color codes.

The Bubble Man
The Bubble Man
Watch Larry Lack, retired educator, blow giant soap bubbles. Learn what soap is, how it kills germs, how it makes bubbles, and why the bubbles are colored.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and Microscopes
Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Stop by and enjoy liquid nitrogen ice cream. Examine worms and stem cells with microscopes. 

High Flying Rocket Balloons
Children's Museum of Sonoma County
Blow up rocket balloons and launch them! 

Marvelous Molecules of Milk
Clover Stornetta Farms
Observe different fat percentages in milk and physical changes as cream churns into butter. Eat some samples and learn about the chemical and nutritional components of mammalian lactation.

Diet Soda and Mentos Candy Reaction Show
Donald and Sutter Laird
Watch what happens when diet soda and Mentos react!

Wild Cat Conservation and Research - Bay Area Puma Project
Felidae Conservation Fund
Learn about wild cat research equipment (including remote/trail cameras, GPS collars, and telemetry), tracking information, and the ecology and characteristics of the Bay Area's felids.

Science of Light
Examples and demonstrations of JDSU products enhancing and using the properties of light in the visual and infrared spectrums. 

Save Mr. Sim
Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, San Rafael
Simulated emergency room with MD and staff. Kids get to be "interns." 

Healthy Nutrition Game
Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, San Rafael
Spin the wheel and learn about nutrition. 

Ultrasound Your Goldfish
Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health
Watch as an ultrasound reveals the anatomy of a goldfish as he swims in his aquarium. Learn about ultrasound, sonar and Doppler effect. 

Fly High
Lawrence Hall of Science and Inventor's Lab, Vallejo
Create your own flying machine and test it in the wind tube.

Marble Machines
Lawrence Hall of Science and Inventor's Lab, Vallejo
Ramps, lifts, tubes, jumps! Design your own system of getting from Point A to Point B, and following some really cool paths in between.

Trees of the California Forest
Marin Master Gardeners
Learn to identify the principal trees of California forests, as well as Marin County. Make a specimen book to take home.

Soft Circuits
Marin ROP Media Center
Get hands-on with soft circuits! Create your own wearable electronics, stitching circuits with conductive thread and blending together traditional crafting with LEDs. 

Curious About Mars?
NASA - Ames Office of Education
The Mars Rover Curiosity landed on the Martian surface on August 5th, 2012, successfully accomplishing one of the most complicated entry, descent and landing sequences in NASA history! Come find out more about the Rover and its new home with a full-sized Mars Rover Curiosity photo-op, a topographic Mars globe, real equipment used on the Rover, and more! 

F-4 Cockpit Simulator
Pacific Coast Air Museum
Sit in a real F-4 Phantom Cockpit Simulator and interact with the controls and displays. This is a real simulator that was used to train Naval Aviators. 

Where Ever You Go, There You Are! GeoSpatial Science, Breadcrumbs, and GPS!
Piner High School
Learn about GPS and GIS and how it already affects your everyday life through smart phones, Google Earth, mapping services, and simply getting up in the morning! Use a hand held Trimble GPS computer to track movements in real time, leaving "breadcrumbs" behind

Art Contest
Rancho Elementary School
Stop by and participate in Ms. Nam's fourth grade class's art contest. 

Solar Spotting
Robert Ferguson Observatory
Observe indirect teloscopy of the sun.

Birds, Bugs and Bones
Safari West Wildlife Foundation
Stop by and hear about some of the fabulous things Jr. Keepers do at Safari West. 

Robotics Club
San Marin High School
See what a high school robotics club has designed, built, and programmed to compete in science, technology and engineering events.

The Human Body and the Nature of Nature
Santa Rosa Junior College
Examine structure and function using microscopes. See how tooth patterns correlate with food preferences. Examine human organs and learn how to identify pathological conditions.

Fun with Physics!
Santa Rosa Junior College - Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Club
Hands on physics demonstrations and activities with the SRJC WISE club members! 

Rediscovering Solar Energy
Solar Schoolhouse
Experience the power of sunshine through solar etching, assembling a solar fountain, and baking a clay medallion in a solar oven.

Digital and Internet Radio
Sonoma County Radio Amateurs
Learn about digital and internet radio, as well as voice and Morse code.

Russian River Salmon
Sonoma County Water Agency
Play a game to learn what hazards salmon need to overcome to survive. Make salmon fish rubbings (gyotaku) to take home.

Meet the Engineers Who Are Building Your Train!
Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART)
See various stages of design and building of the new North Bay commuter rail project. SMART engineers will discuss how and why they chose their careers, as well as what they do as engineers on the SMART project.

Walk Through the Watershed
Sonoma State University
Use microscopes to view the insects, aquatic invertebrates, and flowers found at Copeland Creek. Learn about food webs, biodiversity, pollinators, and garden allies. 

Build Your Own Pulsar!
Sonoma State University – NASA Education and Public Outreach
Do you know why neutron stars pulse? Build a model of a pulsar from a battery, LEDs and modeling material

Learn to Build a Phone App
Technovation Challenge
Build paper prototypes of phone apps and learn about coding and user design.

Tidepool Explorations
UC Davis - Bodega Marine Laboratory
Observe and touch tidepool organisms such as starfish, sea urchins, hermit crabs, and kelp. Overfishing, pollution, and climate change can impact tidepool residents. Learn what you can do to protect our coastal ocean habitats.

See Big Bugs!
UC Davis - Bohart Museum of Entomology 
Learn about big bugs like exotic cockroaches and walking sticks! 

Who Inhabited the Earth?
UC Museum of Paleontology
Go back in time and explore the history of much earlier inhabitants of the Bay Area. Join UCMP scientists in observing fossil evidence, both large and small, of life of the past. 

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