Jasper Lab Members

Heinrich Jasper
Professor, Chief Scientfic Officer

Curriculum Vitae

Cagsar Apaydinm
Laboratory Technician

Hansong Deng
Glenn Foundation Research Training Fellow

Samantha Haller

Daniel Hu
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Susan Jackson
Administrative Laboratory Manager

Joana Neves
Glenn Foundation Research Training Fellow

Yanyan Qi
Laboratory Technician

Yanyan contributes to many aspects of our work and keeps our flies happy.

Rebeccah Riley
Senior Research Associate

Imilce Rodriguez-Fernandez
Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Pedro Miguel Victor
Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Lifen Wang
Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Lifen obtained her PhD from the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China. In her graduate work, Lifen used advanced imaging techniques to characterize signaling mechanisms regulating insulin secretion. Her current work explores the effects of ER stress on intestinal stem cell function. She further uses global analysis of protein turnover to characterize changes in protein homeostasis in long-lived fly strains.

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